m100 Electric Bike Discuss All Features and Specification Complete Overview

Introduction of m100 Electric Bike:

m100 Electric Bike Complete Overview Features Specification User Experience And Examining the Future of Urban Mobility

The Tout Heileo M100 is an electric motorcycle that offers an incredibly exciting and convenient riding experience. Weighing only 21.4 kg, this lightweight and sturdy bike combines agility with robust engineering, making it easy to navigate city streets or tackle challenging terrain. With both front and rear disc brakes, the Heileo M100 prioritizes safety and controls ensuring smooth and responsive braking – surely a crucial feature! Available in vibrant Orange or sleek Black, the Heileo M100 allows you to express your own individuality and stand out from the crowded! But this electric motorcycle is more than just a pretty face – it’s about embracing a greener, more sustainable mode of transportation, without sacrificing performance or affordability, just starting at just Rs 42,499. The Heileo M100 offers an unparalleled value promising to redefine the future of transportation in the market today!

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HEILEO m100 Electric Bike Discuss All Features and Specification Complete Overview

The Heileo M100 is powered by a robust 250W hub motor that can reach a top speed of 25 km/h while yet operating incredibly efficiently. Together with its low curb weight of only 21.4 kg, this electric motorcycle redefines urban travel with its agility and nimbleness.


The Heileo M100’s remarkable range of 75 km on a single charge is one of its best qualities; it guarantees that you may travel far without worrying about running out of juice. The Heileo M100 has you covered for both weekend excursions and daily commutes.

When it comes to safety, the Heileo M100 does not let you down. With twin disc brakes installed, you can count on dependable and fast stopping power under any circumstances. Furthermore, the Shimano TX30 shifter improves ease on your ride, and the motorized throttle finger variant offers accurate control.


However, the creativity doesn’t end there. Among the many app features that come with the Heileo M100 is a low battery alarm that lets you know how much battery life you have left. The Heileo M100’s automatic transmission and push-button start make starting and operating the vehicle simple and easy.

The Heileo M100 is a modern, advanced bike that seamlessly blends technology and performance, providing a reliable travel companion for exploring new routes or city streets. Discover the motorcycling of the future with the Toutche Heileo M100 – a motorcycle that redefines riding via the combination of power, efficiency, and innovation!

m100 Electric Bike Discuss All Features and Specification Complete Overview

Savings in Cost:
When compared to standard gas-powered motorcycles, owning an electric motorbike result in significant cost savings. Long-term cost savings are achieved by electric motorbikes due to their lower fuel costs and less maintenance requirements.

Eco-Friendly Nature:
Since they don’t release any hazardous emissions, electric motorbikes are a greener option than conventional gas-powered cars. Choosing an electric motorcycle contributes to combating climate change and lowering air pollution, creating a cleaner world for coming generations.

Smooth and Quiet Riding:
In contrast to the erratic and noisy gas-powered bikes, electric motorbikes are smooth and silent, making for a serene and joyful ride. These characteristics make them ideal for leisure excursions in tranquil natural settings as well as city rides.

Immediate Power:
Electric motorbikes offer instant power, ensuring rapid acceleration and responsive performance that elevates the overall riding experience. The immediate power of an electric motorbike adds thrill whether maneuvering through city traffic or cruising on highways.

Low Maintenance:
Electric motorbikes have fewer moving parts compared to traditional gas bikes, leading to decreased maintenance needs and reduced costs. With less components prone to damage, electric motorbikes are more reliable and durable, promising years of hassle-free riding enjoyment.

Charging Convenience:
Charging an electric motorbike is simple and convenient, especially with the presence of charging stations and the option to charge at home. Bid farewell to frequent gas station visits – with an electric motorbike, you can simply plug in and recharge wherever and whenever it suits you.

Advanced Technology:
Electric motorbikes often come with advanced features such as regenerative braking, smartphone connectivity, and customizable riding modes, enhancing safety, convenience, and overall riding pleasure. Tech-savvy riders find electric motorbikes appealing due to these innovative features.

Community and Assistance:
The rise in popularity of electric vehicles has also increased the community of electric motorbike enthusiasts and support networks. Being part of this community opens up networking opportunities, allows sharing of experiences, and provides access to resources and support to enhance the electric motorbike ownership experience.

How do machines work on an electric bike?

The e-bike’s motors are its brains; The electrical energy from the battery is converted into mechanical energy that propels the bicycle. Hub motors and mid-drive motors are the main forms of electric bike motors. The wheel hub contains the hub motors that direct the wheel axle to move the bike effortlessly forward. In contrast, mid-drive motors are located near the bicycle crank and are driven by the drivetrain to ensure smooth and efficient operation These motors consist of a complex, moving set of electromagnets (rotor ), and the stationary set (stator ), which together form the magnetic field that powers the motor

What are the essential motor specifications for electric bikes?

Torque, speed, power, and rated power are important electric bike motor characteristics. While speed represents how quickly the shaft rotates, torque measures the rotational force applied to the motor shaft. Based on torque and speed, power is a critical statistic that indicates how much work the motor has completed. Rated power is the motor’s maximum power output under the given circumstances.

Which modes of operation are available for electric bikes?

Pedal assist (PAS) and throttle are the two primary modes of operation available for electric motorcycles. In the throttle mode, users can turn on the motor directly and use no sensors to accelerate the bike to a predetermined maximum speed. In the meantime, pedaling activates pedal assist systems (PAS), which alter motor power based on the rider’s exertion through sensors (such as torque or cadence) that communicate with the controller. While pedal assist systems are a more popular choice, throttles provide instantaneous acceleration and may be restricted by law in some areas.

How does the battery system work in electric bikes?

The battery system is another critical component of electric bikes, providing the electrical energy needed to power the motor. E-bikes feature sizable battery packs mounted on the frame, serving as the powerhouse for the electric components. These batteries store electrical energy, which is directed by the controller to the motor when the rider pedals or engages the throttle. As a result, the motor kicks into action, propelling either the wheel hub or cranks and offering a seamless blend of human effort and electric assistance.

In summary, electric bikes offer a delightful synergy between human pedaling and electric propulsion, transforming cycling into a more accessible and enjoyable activity for riders of all levels. With their innovative design and advanced technology, electric bikes are revolutionizing the way we ride, providing an eco-friendly and efficient mode of transportation for urban commuters, recreational cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

User Experience Of HEILEO m100 Electric Bike?

Consider this: You’re sitting atop the svelte and fashionable m100, excitement building within you as you get ready to embark on your adventure. You may accelerate forward with a throttle flick that gives you an exciting and addictive power rush. You’ve never felt anything like itᅳa smooth fusion of control, speed, and agility that makes you want more.

The m100’s lightweight construction and agile handling really shine when navigating through city streets; it can maneuver through traffic with ease and precision. Riders gush about how nimble it is, accelerating and gliding around turns with the ease of an experienced athlete. It’s urban mobility reimagined, an exhilarating experience that elevates the ordinary to the spectacular

However, the m100 is more about experiencing the excitement of the ride than it is about being practically useful. An amazing journey is created by the calming and energizing soundscape produced by the soft whirr of the wheels and the hum of the electric motor. You experience an indescribable rush of thrill as you accelerate ahead with every turn of the throttle, akin to a shot of adrenaline.

When you stray from the usual route, the m100 demonstrates its worth as a flexible travel partner. Riders are amazed at how well-built and responsively handled it is, enabling it to easily navigate rough terrain. The m100 is your ticket to adventure, providing a ride that’s as exhilarating as it is effortless, whether you’re exploring forest trails or navigating steep mountain paths.

The m100 is a remarkable product that prioritizes sustainability, emitting no pollutants or noise, allowing users to enjoy nature without worrying about environmental damage.


It is truly an amazing user experience using the m100 electric motorcycle. With its futuristic appearance, potent performance, eco-friendliness, and engaging riding experience, the m100 provides a peek into the future of electric bicycling. Why then wait? Encounter the exhilaration of the m100 for yourself by jumping in; your next journey is waiting!

Comparision Between m100 to Urban Bolt:

When comparing the­ Motovolt Urbn e-Bike and the Toutche­ Electric Heileo M100, both have­ impressive feature­s at reasonable prices. The­ Motovolt Urbn e-Bike starts at Rs. 43,649, slightly more e­xpensive than the base­ model of the Toutche He­ileo M100 at Rs. 42,499, but it boasts a longer range of 120 km pe­r charge compared to the He­ileo M100’s 75 km. Both bikes have a top spe­ed of 25 km/hr and feature re­liable disc brakes.

Additionally, the Urbn e­-Bike is available in 5 differe­nt colors, giving you more options to personalize your ride­, whereas the He­ileo M100 comes in 2 colors. Ultimately, your choice­ between the­se two electric bike­s will depend on your personal pre­ferences re­garding range, price, and color options.

Future of m100 Electric Bike?

Looking beforehand, the future possibilities and improvement of the m100 electric bike are promising and thrilling. As electric powered mobility grows globally, m100 is poised to play an essential role in shaping the future of city mobility. With its smooth layout, advanced generation and environmentally pleasant certification, the m100 is nicely placed to satisfy the evolving desires of these days’s commuters and outdoor lovers.

In terms of destiny tendencies, we are able to see improvements in battery era, allowing us to reach a more superior and greater efficient area. In addition, improvements in mechanical efficiency and electricity delivery will in addition beautify the using revel in, allowing riders to accelerate smoother, greater controllable or even, as electric infrastructure keeps extending, we may want to see extra accessibility to charging stations, making commuting on electric powered motorcycles more handy and handy.

Overall, the m100 electric powered motorcycle is destined to continue to make waves within the global of electric delivery, offering a sustainable and thrilling opportunity to standard fuel-powered cars. As we look to the destiny, m100 stays at the vanguard of innovation, paving the manner for cleanser, greener and more efficient transportation for generations to come.


m100 Electric Bike Discuss All Features and Specification Complete Overview

In conclusion, the m100 electric motorcycle is a shining example of sustainability and innovation in the field of urban transportation. It provides riders with an exhilarating and guilt-free way to explore the great outdoors and traverse town streets thanks to its modern generation, sleek layout, and eco-friendly performance. With its powerful motor, amazing range, simple controls, and elegant design, the m100 epitomizes the future of electric cycling. As we’ve seen thus far, it seems certain that the m100 will keep pushing the envelope in terms of being a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and more enjoyable form of transportation for users everywhere.

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