Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models

Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models

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Revealing the Future: Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models

The wheels of innovation are accelerating faster than ever in the race to create a sustainable automotive future. Electric automobiles (EVs) are not just changing lanes but also completely reinventing the driving experience as we approach the dawn of a new age. This blog article gives you access to the cutting-edge features that will soon put electric vehicles and SUVs in a class by themselves.

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Advanced Battery Technology:

Demand for electric cars and SUVs will increase in the upcoming times. Similarly, demand for batteries used in electric cars and SUVs will also increase. In the coming times, we will see even better batteries which will provide a good range to your car and SUV. It is being said that in the coming time , the battery power and range of the vehicles is going to increase a lot.


What is going on is that the range of the vehicles can be from 500 to 700 miles on full charge. Currently, lithium Ion batteries are used in our vehicles. In the coming time, the demand for Lithium Ion batteries is going to increase due to which Lithium Ion batteries are going to be in demand, so to solve this problem, Sodium ion batteries will be used.


It is being told that sodium ion battery will be much cheaper than lithium ion battery and its range will also be more than lithium ion battery. Currently, China is testing this sodium ion battery. With the arrival of sodium ion batteries, there will be a different revolution in the battery industry.

What are the features of sodium ion batteries that we are going to see in cars and SUVs in the future?

  • Major features of sodium ion batteries is that it is a cobalt free battery. There is a Chinese company name SVOLT makes cobalt free batteries.
  • The price od sodium ion batteries will be much lower than lithium ion batteries.
Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models

Autonomous Driving Capabilities:

There are many cars. Which provides self -driving capability in the market. Self -driving mode is not so developed that you can confidently press on the accelerator and go from one place to another without turning the steering wheel.


However, there are some vehicles in the market that like Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y etc.. which claims that you can go from one place to another without keeping your hands on the steering, without changing the gear and without putting on the accelerator.


However, the only driving mode available now is a bit expensive. In the coming time, from 2024 to 2025, you will see such vehicles which will be quite affordable and feature rich.

Improved Communication: Smart Connectivity in Cars and SUVs


The exchange of data between connected cars and various elements of the road infrastructure, such as cameras, traffic lights, parking meters, streetlights, lane markers, and other vehicles, as well as ITS data on weather, traffic, accidents, and speed limits, is known as vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication.

Vehicle-to -Vehicle:

Vehicles can communicate with one another utilizing DSRC frequencies to provide pertinent information such as location, speed, and direction.


Vehicle-to-Cloud is a communication protocol that connects automobiles with cloud services via broadband connections.

From Vehicle to Device:

From Vehicle-to-Device,  sometimes referred to as Vehicle-to-Driver, is a kind of communication in which the owner’s portable device is connected to the vehicle by Bluetooth or the Internet.


Maximizing vehicle connections overall is the primary objective of the Vehicle-to-Everything  framework, which is a continuously growing and changing collection of behaviors.

Innovative Design and Materials:

In the imminent years of 2024 and 2025, the electric vehicle landscape is poised for a powerful transformation. Automakers are gearing up to unleash powerful innovations in design and materials, envisioning sleek electric SUVs with lightweight yet powerful chassis.

Anticipate the integration of cutting -edge solar panel technologies, empowering cars to harness powerful energy from their surfaces. Interior spaces will undergo a powerful metamorphosis with sustainable materials. Brace yourself for a powerful era where innovation powerfully converges with sustainability, shaping a dynamic future for electric mobility.


Let us tell you some examples of innovative design and materials in Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models

Environmental Sustainability:

Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models perform big role in Environmental Sustainability:

  1. Less Pollution means It is safe for our environment. It means in Electric car tailpipe does not emit harmful gas which means it’s safe for our environment and nature. 
  2. Electric car can charge his battery with clean energy sources. Clean energy sources mean Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models can depend on natural sources like Solar energy, Wind energy is a great source for produce electricity, it means, we can charge our battery through wind energy. It will not affect our environment and nature in future.
  3. Future electric car utilizes his energy thoroughly compare to diesel/petrol car . Electric car utilize more energy for increasing his range because EV’s depends on electric batteries It does not depend on combustion engine. 
  4. The dependency of EV’s in fossil fuels is very less. EV’s does not consume petrol/diesel, it will totally depend on electricity. 


In conclusion we saw the Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models, learned about the features, advanced technology and battery performance and innovative design and in the coming time, the electric vehicle will provide us amazing service without harming our environment. If you understood the blog easily and if you think that any more topic should be added then please tell in the comment box.


What are the Advanced driving features will be there in cars and SUVs in the future?

  • Breaking regeneration
  • Connectivity and Automation
  • Blind spot monitoring and driver fatigue identification
  • Adjustable seating configurations
  • Automatic Parking
  • Self-governing cruising
  • tire pressure monitoring

Which company will launch first electric car in 2024?

According to the market TATA group has cover all EV’s market but Maruti Suzuki will launch his first EV name eVX, this is not confirmed message, but some car companies have already launched his EV expect Maruti Suzuki so, there will high chance for Maruti Suzuki in 2024.

What is the latest technology in electric cars?

Self-driving technology, Smart connectivity, environmentally friendly cars, long life batteries like Na ions batteries, Automatic parking mode, In Upcoming EV’s have already setup Cruise Control mode. These are the Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models.

Are electric cars a new concept?

Yes, Upcoming electric cars are coming with new concept, and we see in this blog Upcoming Features In Electric Car and SUV Models 

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