Wolfbox io7 Dash Cam A Comprehensive Review

Wolfbox io7 Dash Cam A Comprehensive Review

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Short Introduction:

I am going to tell about Wolfbox io7 Dash Cam A Comprehensive Review.

Wolfbox io7 is a Dash Camera. Dash Camera means a video camera that is placed on a car’s dashboard or windscreen and is used to continually record what can be seen via the windscreen—traffic, roads, etc.

Wolfbox io7 is a three channel dash camera. The full view dash cam with extreme wide-angle cameras is the i07 small dashcam. 

What is 3 -channel Dash Camera?

3 -channel dash cam means there are three cameras in a 3-channel dash camera: front, rear, and interior. It records in-depth video of the road ahead, the back of the car, and the interior of the cabin. This configuration enhances security and serves as important evidence in a variety of on-road scenarios by offering a comprehensive record of driving activities.

Let us know about the history of Wolf box Company.

Dr. Edward Wolfrum, PhD, an alumnus engineer of Motown, Golden World Records, Terra-Shirma Studios, Metro-Audio Capstan Roller Remote recording, and United Sound Systems in Detroit, Michigan, designed the initial passive DI unit, direct box, or DI in the late 1950s. This device is known as the Wolfbox.[1][2] The Wolfbox, which was utilized by James Jamerson, Dennis Coffey, Bob Babbit, and other members of The Funk Brothers, had a significant role in the Motown/Detroit scene’s recorded music sound in the 1960s and 1970s.

Design and Build Quality of the io7 Dash Cam:

Taking about its design, its design is quite excellent. It is also quite strong. Taking about build quality is also quite good. Comes with matte finish and easily fits in any car. The body of the dash camera is made of very strong material. The materials used in this camera body are plastic and aluminum which are durable and heat resistant.

What are the Features of io7 Dash Cam?

  1. In Wolfbox io7 you get 4k recording.
  2. A large LCD 3 -inch screen is available in this dash cam.
  3. In this you get Infrared night vision which gives a high performance to the user or driver.
  4. In this io7 dash cam you will get an advanced sensor which is from a Starvish company.
  5. The interior-facing camera makes it possible for the car’s on-dash mounted cameras to catch crisp, balanced footage in low-light environments like underground parking lots, tunnels, and nights. This provides the footage ideal for rideshare drivers like Uber, Lyft, and Taxi, as it allows them to precisely capture the driver and passengers.
  6. io7 dash cam can work with GPS and also with WIFI.

How is the camera quality of Wolfbox io7?

With the cutting-edge camera quality of the Wolfbox io7, enter a world of visual perfection. With its amazing 4K recording at 30 frames per second, the front camera offers a rich 3840 x 2160 pixel experience. Concurrently, the back camera provides high definition accuracy, capturing moments at 30 frames per second at 1080 pixels (1920 x 1080). Every frame is evidence of the camera’s dedication to clarity and details, whether it’s the nuances of your car or the complexities of the road. With Wolfbox io7, you can enhance your visual storytelling by using each pixel to tell a dynamic story.

Wolfbox io7 Dash Cam A Comprehensive Review

Installation Process of Wolfbox io7 Dash Cam A Comprehensive Review:

Step 1Power Connection:

Start by connecting the dash cam’s plug code to the reliable 12.5 V power source in your car. A simple but essential introduction that sets the stage for the io7’s excellence.

Step 2Energizing the Dash Cam:

Insert the Type C unit into the Dash Cam port, initiating a power dance that brings the device to life within seconds. Now, as it sparks into action, delve into its menu for a personalized setup experience.

Step 3Crafting the Perfect View:

In the final act, nestle your io7 onto your on-desk sanctuary. Elevate or lower its position, Sculpting the camera’s gaze to your liking. Your Wolfbox io7 is now a vigilant guardian, perfectly poised to capture your journey with finesse. 

Storage and Memory:

In io7 you get 128 GB of storage and you can insert a separate memory card in it.

Why Parking mode and security is so important?

A dash camera’s parking mode is essential since it enables the camera to keep recording even when your car is parked. This can assist in recording any mishaps, vandalism, or accidents that may happen around your automobile when you’re not there. While your car is parked, I offer an additional degree of protection and documentation in case something unexpected happens.

Does Wolfbox io7 Have Security Parking Mode?

Yes, the Wolfbox io7 Dash cam does have parking mode. It supports dual parking monitoring modes through a dedicated hardware kit, including “Collision Boot Recording” and “Time -Lapse Record.

How collision boot and recording mode works. Let's find out?

Collision boot mode records when there is any movement such as some kind of theft, assault or argument with unknown person. Collision boot mode works in all these situations. Whereas time -lapse record mode works on a technology which is it captures the scene captured in normal frequency in a lower frequency sequence, we understand like this, when you are away from your car or SUV, Time -lapse mode captures the movements happening around your vehicle for 24 hours in your absence. Keep in mind that Collision Boot Recording mode won’t function when using Time -Lapse Mode. 

Reviews and Rating on Wolfbox io7 Dash Cam:

The reviews of Wolfbox io7 dashcam in amazon is 1000+ reviews and all say – Best camera for car safety, best in quality, best in design, best in performance and easy to set up in my car. The rating of Wolfbox dashcam is awesome in amazon is 5 out of 4.8 rating approx. 300+ people rate this camera in Amazon.com website. I hope this reviews and rating is help you for purchasing a professional dash camera for our car and SUV. 

Advantage and Disadvantage of Dash Camera For Vehicles?


1. Keep a record of accidents

2. Offer Protection

3. Establish Responsibility

4. Boost Your Driving

5. Assist Drivers

6. Reduce Insurance Costs


1. Price is little more

2. Could Be Distracting

3. Could Promote Theft

4. Possibility of Privacy Invasion


To put it briefly, the Wolfbox io7 Dash Cam A Comprehensive Review is impressive due to its strong construction, elegant appearance, cutting-edge functions, and excellent camera quality. Its appeal is increased by the easy installation, lots of storage, and favorable customer reviews. Even if it has some shortcomings, the io7 stands out as a strong option for people who need dependable in-car security.


Who is wolfbox?

Wolfbox is a popular company which provides you special HD quality of front and rear dash camera for car and SUV. Wolfbox company also known for his high quality dash cam body material and his battery performance.

Which is the best dash camera?

Best dash camera means best in quality, HD quality recording, smart connection, easy to install in you car, best in price which means best performance in medium price. WOLFBOX io7 Dash Camera fulfills all the conditions.

What is the specification of WOLFBOX io7 dash camera?

  1. High Quality recording
  2. High Durability
  3. Night Vision 
  4. Slomo effect (Lapse Mode) is available in WOLFBOX io7.
  5. 128 gb storage with extendable micro SD

Does Wolfbox io7 Have Security Parking Mode?

Yes, the Wolfbox io7 Dash cam does have parking mode. It supports dual parking monitoring modes through a dedicated hardware kit, including “Collision Boot Recording” and “Time -Lapse Record.

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