Honda Activa Electric Scooter

Honda Activa Electric Scooter

Honda Activa Electric Scooter:

In India lots of electric scooter company have come, In the last 5 years many electric scooter companies launches their electric scooter such as Ola S1, Bajaj Chetak, TVS IQube, Ather 450S, Ampere Magnus EX, Pure EV Pluto 7G, Okinawa Praise Pro, Bounce Infinity E1 etc. but the success rate of all these companies are not that big in the market means if you search on Google, how many scooters are sold per year by all the companies, you will see that their figures are not as much as the market of petrol scooters, like in India.


In India Hero MotoCorp has the biggest market for 100cc bikes, people also like it a lot. If we look at scooters, Honda Activa is sold the most in the market, then you can guess that there are all these electric scooter companies in the market are present, but no one has the highest market value.


We all know that Honda is a very giant company for producing bikes, scooters, super bike and also car and super car. If Giant companies like Honda will launch his 1st electric model “Honda Activa Electric Scooter” then competition in small companies will end immediately because the strong reason is people’s trust, there are many places in India where people know about electric scooters but when you ask him which electric scooter company should I buy? then he doesn’t know about the any electric scooter company, there is a strong reason for that a big company should bring its own electric scooter in the market.


Lets move on our topic, we cover in Honda Activa Electric Scooter (price, on road price, launch date, features, specifications, pricing in different states, range, advantages and disadvantages).

Honda Activa Electric Scooter

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Honda Activa Electric Scooter Complete Price?

The price of Honda Activa Electric Scooter will going to be around Rs 1lakh to 1.5 lakh. In this price range there is a lot of electric scooters are available, but we are taking about interior and finishing and also design some companies are provide better design such Ola, ampere etc. but customers are not satisfied when they go to the servicing for his scooter so, in future Honda will give you best servicing experience with scooters and good relationship with customers.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter on road price?

The on road price of Honda Activa Electric Scooter will be approx 1 to 120000 with complete paper such as Bike insurace, Body Insurance, Regestration, Pollution and included other paper work. Finance services are also available, minimum payment will submit for buy Honda Activa Electric Scooter is approx Rs 20000 to 25000, many companies are available for finance your scooter like HDB Financial Services, ICICI LOMBARD, Shriram Finance etc.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter range (mileage)?

Honda will tell that the range of Honda Activa Electric Scooter is approx in full charge 100 to 170 km. I think this is a good mileage, most of the people use electric scooter for their city work or for household work.

How can you book Honda Electric Scooter and what documents will you provide?

You can book your scooter through call, means you can call to your nearest Honda Showroom and ask them for purchasing a new Honda Electric Scooter and also ask them what term and condition company required then discuss with friends and family related to purchasing a new Electric Scooter then when you decide the important document is Finance -Aadhar Card, Pan Card/Voter ID Card, 4 Passport size photo, Commerical Bank Passbook/Bank Check. There is the important document when you are purchasing a new bike/electric scooter.

Launching date of Honda Activa electric?

Honda announced in a meeting the launching date of Honda Activa Electric Scooter is last week of February 2024.

Which features will come in Honda Activa Electric Scooter that will be different from other electric scooters?

The features of this electric will remain the same like all other electric scooters available in market, their scooters body parts will different, they used high quality material for fiber items, big display, in built in display speedometer, showing how much power you should consume and how much power left, speaker function, LED headlights Honda giving lot of color variant electric scooter such as White, Black, Mat telic Black and so many and most important point is the model Honda launch. similar to Honda Activa petrol.


The most important specification for Honda Activa Electric Scooter is they claimed 10 years of battery warranty and Honda company will thinking when his electric scooter comes in the market they will provide swapping station facility for the people of India, this facility is available only in foreign countries like USA, Canada, Australia… I think this the best specification for electric scooters you can easily remove your battery when you are going for long ride. And the maintenance is also very low.


In conclusion we cover why Honda Activa Electric Scooter is far better than other electric scooter and we also know upcoming price, on road price, mileage (Range) and how you can book your futuristic electric scooter in 2024 but the main part we cover is his feature and specification so, that’s all in this blog, if we get any further updates then we will definitely let you know.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Activa 7G launched?

The chance of 7G launched in electric Activa model is very high and the expected date for launching Activa 7G is last week of February 2024.

Is Electric Activa fully digital?

Yes, The upcoming year for two wheelers is for digital year, we will see some futuristic technology like sound speaker system in electric scooters and automatic reverse system, there is very high change in electric Activa for introduce automatic reverse system.

When Honda Activa Electric launched?

The Expected date for launched Honda Activa Electric is last week of February 2024. 

What is the price of Honda Activa Electric?

The Expected price of Honda Activa Electric is approximately Rs 80,000 to Rs 10,00,00.

What is the range of Honda Activa electric?

80 to 150 kilometers on full charge.

Is Activa 7G petrol or electric?


Which Activa is better electric or petrol?

Activa Electric is better than Activa petrol, because the mileage of Activa petrol is approximately 40 to 50 and the upcoming Activa electric range is on full charge is approximately 80 to 150 km and the maintenance cost will be also very low compared to Activa petrol. 

Honda electric scooter price in India?

The on road price of Honda electric scooter is approximately Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,20,000.

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